I’m traveling to Micronesia to chair the accreditation External Evaluation Team for the College of Micronesia. I hope you’ll share my journey as I post daily updates and photos from what promises to be a very exciting trip. So – where exactly IS Micronesia? It’s far far away. About 5,400 miles from Folsom, as the crow flies (if a crow could fly it) in the western Pacific Ocean. Micronesia refers to a widely scatted archipelago made up of over 2,000 islands and encompasses sovereign countries such a Guam, Palau, Marshall Islands, and Northern Marianas, and the Federated States of Micronesia, to name a few.

Arrival in Yap

I said Micronesia is far far away. It is. After flight delays, rerouting, and over 24+ hours of travel I arrived on the island of Yap. Stepping onto the tarmac into the hot and humid night air, we were met by a striking Yapese woman in traditional dress complete with a tiered grass skirt and flowered leis. And did I mention she was topless? Below is a photo from the web to give you and idea.

I made it, my luggage didn't!

The good news was that I’d made it. The bad news is my luggage didn’t. No big deal, right? This time, it is a big deal. The next plan to Yap won’t arrive for four days. Four days in the same clother and no makeup? Four days visiting the College of Micronesia’s Yap and FMI campuses wearing my travel outfit?

Thankfully not, due to the Dean of the Yap campus and a United airlines rep, as they took me shopping at the local general store. To give you a sens of it, ifyou’ve to Hana on the island of Maui you most likely visited the Hasegawa General Store. I was able to buy a few odd pieces of clothing (photos will not be provided), flip flops, and toiletries. Need sunscreen? There’s one choice. Shampoo? One choice. You get the idea.

But I made it! Next stop will be visiting the Yap campus.