Hi! I am Rachel Rosenthal, a travel and fine art photographer based in northern California, shooting my way around the globe. 

I get to do what I've waited my whole life to do - traveling and creating images that transcend the moment with a touch of wonder. My goal is to make human nature tangible and provide a glimpse into our common experiences as individuals.

One viewer said, "You have such a way of transporting people" that allows the viewer to "paint with their own imagination." 

Yes, that's it exactly.

Years spent in demanding careers as a community college president, math professor, and oil field engineer contribute to my work. The ability to be at ease in isolated locations, explore secluded backstreets, and engage with individuals from all walks of life all have origins in past life experiences. Recipient of multiple awards for my images, especially those from the collection, “We Are All One People” which showcases our shared humanity around the globe.