On Wednesday, I visited the Yap Campus of the College of Micronesia (COM). I hosted a well-attended open forum and met with faculty, staff, and students. The campus consists of five buildings, vegetable garden, volleyball court, and gathering areas. A few photos are included below.

Classrooms were impressive. This is a science classroom, note the windows designed to withstand a typhoon.

outdoor gathering area

Sign on electronics lab door.

Many Yapese chew betel nuts mixed with lime powder, which provides a slight high and turns their teeth red and black. In the past, having black teeth was very desired for men, as it indicated he had many betel nuts and therefore, land.

Baskets - every Yapese carries a basket

Student and his teacher, each carrying their basket. Every Yapese carries a basket. A local shared with the that the basket holds “wisdom.” He carries his essential items: betel nuts, powder, tools, and anything he might need for the day. Yapese, when faced with an issue, sit down with their basket, have a betel nut, and consider how to proceed. After a betel nut, wisdom will be granted and the solution will become clear. I think I might need a few betel nuts...

study area and students hard at work. I love it!