For our second day in Petra we opted for the highly recommended experience of hiking back into Petra early in the morning to watch the sun slowly light up the Treasury. Unfortunately for us, however, it was a cloudy day which turned to light rain. We did spend a few moments at the Treasury, quietly sipping glasses of traditional Jordonian hot (and very) sweet tea.

Lucky for us we were the only people there and it was quiet magical. Rain or not, our next stop was “Little Petra,” a nearby archaeological site where the traders used to stop and rest their camels before arriving into Petra. By the time we got there there, the sky had cleared and it was glorious day. 

When we pulled into the parking lot we were met by Mamoud, a local Bedouin, who was born in his family's tent in Little Petra andused to live in the caves. He offered us a guided tour of Little Petra and tea in his tent. How could we resist?

Family tent

Tea with the Bedouins

Tea with the Bedouins. The tent was so thick with smoke it was hard to breath. Steve had to get up and leave a couple of times as it was overpowering. Wish this blog had "smellovision" as it was intense.

Once in the tent, They insisted on adding traditional headscarves.

Local Doctor. He offered his services, but we declined.

touring little petra

One of the many sites of Little Petr

View from inside one of the living areas of Little Petr

hanging out up top

tea and tunes

This lovely lady offered us tea and a song!

So long Jordan

We were so impressed with Jordan. The guide books noted the Jordanian hospitality and they were right! Gracious, welcoming people. Thank you.

Next stop, India!