We completed our tour of Egypt with a one-day sprint around the city with our guide, Risk. You can't even imagine the chaos as over 21 million people move around the city on foot, in cars, motorcycles, horse carts, and camels. It was a visual and oral cacophony: blaring car horns, drivers yelling at one another and weaving through the crowds, colorful horse drawn carts, all fighting for a foot or two of progress on a impacted street. Quick run through the Cairo Museum and the treasures of King Tut, darted into a synagogue, then off to the pyramids. It was a zoo! Although tourism is down by about 80%, it was the last day of school holidays so the Egyptians were out in force. We decided to climb up inside the Giza Pyramid, entering in the large opening you see in the photo below. Climbing up 1,000 feet hand over fist inside a dark and steep shaft, we finally reached burial room of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. Again, we were told no photos were allowed, but folks were taking selfies nonstop. It's Egypt, therefore, the "no photo" rule is just a guideline.

Base of the pyramid

Entering the pyramid

Camel Ride!

Then, what I'd been waiting for - a camel ride!! It's bit trickier than I'd imagined and I hung on for dear life, You're high above the ground, swaying back and forth and side to side, trying to anticipate the camel's gait. Despite the challenge, we had a ball!

being goofy

bonus points to our guide for this shot!

My favorite shot

heading home for the day.

Next stop - Jordan!