Greetings from Luxor, Eqypt, home of the Valley of the Kings! This is the first post of our Around the World Trip: 6 Countries, 17 hotels, 22 flights, 32 days. A crazy trip to celebrate my retirement!! So travel along with me to Eqypt, Jordan, India, Maldives, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We arrived safely in Cairo late Sunday evening and very early Monday morning flew south to Luxor to begin our four-day cruise south on the Nile River to Aswan. An already short night was made even shorter as Steve (and by association, me) set his alarm for 2:30 am to watch the Super Bowl. He had to stop watching the game minutes before it ended as we had to catch a cab to the airport, which was painful. It was a couple of days before he finally got to hear the outcome but at least the Patriots won!

Temple Karnak

This fellow is one of the guards at the Temple Karnak (hard to write that without thinking of Johnnie Carson, for those of a certain age...). His welcoming appearance typifies almost all those we've met in Egypt, welcoming and proud individuals.